This video sometimes becomes high quality.

When the circuit(or server) in Japan is crowded,
playback by low quality(or Abysmal darkness).

The statement place about MMD.
However, it is the information in 2008.
( I am not going to rewrite. )

By the same operation,
it can read also in this video( MMD Cup I Overall victory ).
They are a little different contents.

    My translation tool cannot translate most English into Japanese.

    My translation tool can translate Japanese into English only a little.

    Therefore, a lot of time is spent on the translation more than the HD video is made.

    I am lack of sleep because of the time wasted to translate.

    I damaged health by lack of sleep.

    I impaired daily life by lack of sleep.


    Japanese is difficult.

    The tool can hardly translate English into Japanese.

    Because Japanese is difficult.

    By the translation agency

    When an English novel is translated

    As for the book on a Japanese version, thickness becomes half.

    In the translation tool, this compression is difficult.

    The reason why Japanese is short is that the kind of the word is huge.

    Japanese that can be translated into English with the tool is a little.

    I rewrite it many times until Japanese can be translated into English.


    I know sentences that are had a hard time and translated into English to be not correct.

    However, I think.

    In Japan, the book on VOCALOID can be obtained in the bookstore.

    It is difficult to obtain the book on VOCALOID in the bookstore excluding Japan.


    I can hardly translate.


    There might be a pleased person.

    I am embarrassed now.

    I am declaring that I cannot translate English into Japanese.


    There is a person who sends me long English sentences.

    If the comment is American English, the translation tool is powerless.

    I cannot even write the answer in several short comments every day.

    Therefore, I think.

    The English translation on which I spent one hour is read without taking as much as one second.

    If the same one hour is spent, I want to spend on sentences that everybody reads.


    I do not individually reply to the comment.

    I do not individually reply to mail(Personal Messages@YouTube).

    Thank you.

Radeon Hatsune Miku by MMD The link place of this image is a ( Original size of this image 2048x1536 )